5 Ways Your Funeral Director Can Help When Someone Dies


5 Ways Your Funeral Director Can Help When Someone Dies

Losing a loved one is difficult, and arranging a funeral when someone dies can be overwhelming for some people. If you need it, a local funeral director can step in to help lighten the load.

Here are just a few things that your local funeral director can help with.

  1.  Pre-Planning

Arranging a funeral, that has been pre-planned with the guidance of a local funeral director, can help make the whole process a bit easier when the time comes.

Your local funeral director may also allow you to pre-pay for the funeral, saving money in the long run, and helping to remove the stress of financial worries during an already difficult time.

You can use our funeral director finder to get quotes from over 5,000 funeral directors. Don’t worry; you won’t be bombarded by emails and calls, all your details are hidden while you are researching which director suits your needs best.  

  1.  Arranging A Funeral

When someone dies, your local funeral directors can help you plan every aspect of the funeral, from choosing a coffin to selecting the right music, flowers, and other details that will make the service personal and meaningful.

If your loved one had a list of wishes for their funeral, you can store them securely in our free funeral planning tool, which you can then share with your local funeral director. You can even use our secure vault to store photos, stories, and precious memories with your loved one.


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  1. Legal Requirements

When someone dies your local funeral director can help you obtain death certificates, permits and other legal documents to arrange a funeral for your loved one. These can also be stored in your Legacy of Lives planner and shared with whoever needs access to them. If you want to place death notices in local papers/national press, your funeral director will have the necessary contacts to help you. 

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  1. Grief Support

Many people find that they need emotional support when someone dies, as grief can be a tough road to navigate. Your local funeral director will be trained to support families who have lost a loved one and can point you towards organisations who can provide longer-term grief support if that is helpful. 

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  1. Changing Arrangements

You may find that you change your mind about certain details as you go through arranging a funeral. Your local funeral director is there to offer advice and help you make the right decisions to honour your loved one in a beautiful celebration. 

We understand that losing a loved one can be a challenging and emotional time. At Legacy of Lives, you can use our free funeral director finder to choose a local funeral director and start building out your funeral plan with our free planning tool. Please click here to get started.