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Terms and Conditions

At needs funeral - Digital Offer Terms and Conditions

This offer is promoted by Legacy of Lives (the “the company”). This offer is administered and managed in-house.

Who’s eligible for the offer?
You are eligible for this offer if the following conditions are met:

  1. You have planned and booked a funeral via the company this applies to ‘at need funerals’ only and completed the process online via between 01 st October 2022 and 28th September 2023 inclusive.
  2. Your funeral has not been cancelled within 31 days of the quote acceptance date; and
  3. Payment for the funeral is made when expected; and
  4. You don’t fall within any of the exclusions listed below.

The following are excluded from this offer:

  1. Residents of Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man.
  2. ​​​​​​​ Pre-paid funerals or any other funeral other than ‘at need or immediate funerals ' .
  3. Funerals arranged outside of Legacy of Lives system. ​​​​​​​

What is the offer?
If you meet the conditions of this offer, you’ll be entitled to choose a charity from one of the three charities listed below and we will donate £30 to that charity:

  1. Marie Curie (Charity number 207994 ); or
  2. Hospice UK (Charity number 296645 );

        Please note:

  • Only one £30 charity donation is available per funeral
  • We will not split donations
  • We can not change your selected donation
  • We retain sole discretion to decide whether any eligibility requirements have or have not been met

How to make your Donation
Once you have selected your preferred funeral director partner and accepted their quote, n a pop up will appear for you to select your chosen charity from our partners. At that time, if you meet the conditions of this offer you will be sent an acknowledgement that you have been part of something great!

Donations will be made within 90 days of us receiving your response to the ‘Choice’ popup. Once you have chosen the charity it cannot be changed. If you do not make a selection within 60 days, this offer will automatically expire, and we will choose a charity.

Please note:  we may share your personal details (i.e. funeral date and number, your name, postal and email address and contact telephone number) with the partner charities, for the purpose of fulfilment of this charity donation.

Other important terms
• We can withdraw, remove, or vary the charity donation offering in whole or in part at any time and without prior notice.
• If you cancel the funeral or do not go ahead with it you will not be eligible.
• We can change the time period of this charity donation offering at any time and without notice.
• Eligible customers should retain a copy of the confirmation email and chosen funeral director.

Links to Legacy of Lives charitable partners:

Marie Curie (Charity number 207994 )

Hospice UK (Charity number 296645 )