Planning a Funeral

How To Plan A Funeral 

Funeral planning isn’t something many of us would like to think about, but it means that your loved ones know your wishes for your funeral and can find all the essential documents they need during a stressful time. 

It can also be helpful to include your friends and family in the funeral planning process, so they can help you make decisions and plan the details that will make your send-off special. 

There are a few key things that you need to think about when it comes to planning your funeral so that you know your loved ones will celebrate your life in the way you envision it. 

Write Down Your Funeral Instructions 

Documenting your wishes and funeral details is vital for your loved ones to know exactly what to do when the time comes. Some important information to include in your funeral instructions are: 

  • Religious requirements for your funeral 

  • Organ donation 

  • Items of clothing that you would like to be dressed in 

  • Your nominated pallbearers 

  • Where you want your funeral to take place 

  • What transportation, music, readings and memorials you would prefer 

  • Whether you would like flowers or donations to a chosen charity 


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You can include this information in your will or securely store all of your funeral instructions in one place using the free Legacy of Lives planner — which you can easily share with your loved ones. 

Deciding Between Burial Or Cremation 

The two most common funerals in the UK are burials and cremations. Burials tend to be the most expensive option, with cremation being a more affordable send-off.  

Some people may also opt for a direct cremation without a memorial service. In a direct cremation, the deceased is taken straight to the crematorium, and the ashes are returned to loved ones afterwards. 

Choose A Funeral Director 

Funeral directors help to care for the deceased, oversee proceedings and organise the details that go into a funeral. They are also invaluable to your loved ones for advice and support during a challenging time, so it’s worth nominating one in your funeral plan. 

Use our free funeral director search to find a trusted funeral director in your area.  

Calculate Your Funeral Costs 

Based on research from a 2023 report, a basic UK funeral costs around £3,953, including fees for the funeral director, doctor and officiate, and the coffin. Memorials, flowers, and funeral transport are all optional extras that will increase the cost of a funeral.  

By planning your funeral in advance, you can have a clear idea of a sufficient budget to cover the cost of your funeral. Some people choose to pre-pay for their funeral before the time comes or take out life insurance to cover the cost of their arrangements.  

Others may have enough in their estate, in which case the estate executor will pay for the funeral. If you or your loved ones are struggling to cover the funeral cost, help is available via charities and the government

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Plan A Funeral With Legacy Of Lives 

At Legacy Of Lives, we can help you create a bespoke funeral plan so your loved ones can celebrate your life according to your wishes. Our planner securely stores all your instructions, documents, memories and contacts so that loved ones can easily access them when needed. 

To start planning your or your loved one’s funeral, use our free funeral planning tool