The Ostler: The UKs Leading National Horse Drawn Carriage

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy, but choosing the right funeral procession can help make this difficult time a little more bearable. A horse-drawn hearse is a special and meaningful way to symbolize the final journey of your loved one. 

At The Ostler Ltd, they understand the importance of providing families with a special send-off for their loved one. Our horse-drawn hearse is a beautiful and elegant way to transport the deceased to their final resting place, providing a touch of tradition and symbolism. The sight of magnificent horses drawing the hearse can have a powerful emotional impact, providing comfort and solace to families and friends during this difficult time. 

One of the reasons that a horse-drawn hearse is so special is that it symbolises the journey of the soul to the afterlife. This timeless tradition has been used for centuries to transport the deceased, and it provides a sense of closure and peace for families and friends alike. The gentle movement of the horse and carriage can provide a sense of comfort, helping families to feel that their loved one is being taken on a peaceful and dignified journey. 

The team at The Ostler Ltd is experienced in providing horse-drawn hearse services, and they understand the importance of this time. They work with families to ensure that every detail is taken care of and that the funeral procession runs smoothly. From the moment they arrive at the funeral home, to the time they reach the final resting place, they will provide support and compassion to you every step of the way. 

Another reason a horse-drawn hearse is so special is the opportunity for personalisation. Their team will work with families to incorporate personal touches, such as unique flowers, ornaments, or music, to create a farewell that truly reflects the life of their loved ones. This personal touch can help families feel that the send-off for their loved one is truly special and meaningful. 

You can use our helpful site Legacy of Lives to plan your funeral needs or those of your loved one.  A free-to-use planning tool and comparison site of local funeral directors, Legacy of Lives help you create the right funeral for your wishes. Simple and easy to use, helping you through the choices to be made. Start planning now

You are welcome to contact Ostler team today to learn more about their services and how they can help your family.  Their office is open from 08:00 am – 08:00 pm Monday – Saturday.  You can call the team to discuss or Whatsapp, on 07411 176945