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Body Repatriation: Funeral Repatriation Services

Losing somebody you love is a tough time for friends and family, and when coupled with the need to repatriate your loved one’s body, it can add a layer of stress and upset at an already challenging time.

What Is Body Repatriation?

When a loved one passes away in a different country, the family may move the body back to the country they lived in to be buried or cremated.

Body repatriation is a process that is carried out with the utmost dignity and respect, ensuring that your loved one is taken care of and returned to their home country safely.


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Where Is The Body Moved From, And Where Is It Taken?

When a loved one’s body requires repatriation, they will be transported from where they passed to a local funeral home. If your loved one was on holiday when they passed, it’s essential to check whether they had travel insurance, as this may cover the cost of repatriation.

The loved one’s body will then be prepared for the trip home before being taken to the transport used to repatriate them — this could be an aeroplane or boat.

The overseas funeral home will liaise with the chosen funeral home in their home country to coordinate your loved one’s collection. Once they arrive in their home country, they will be safely collected, and their funeral service can take place in their home country.

Is There Paperwork Involved?

With loved ones who pass away abroad, a lot of paperwork must be filled in to ensure that everything is done correctly and your loved one’s journey home is smooth.

At Legacy of Lives, we can help you find a trusted, experienced funeral director who can help guide you through the entire process — simply use our free funeral director finder tool.

Some documentation that is required includes:

  • Identification papers from the origin country
  • Papers to release loved ones from the overseas country
  • Documents to receive your loved one in their home country

Can A Funeral Be Organised As Normal For Repatriated Loved Ones?

Once your loved one has returned home, a normal funeral can occur.

This means you can give your loved one the send-off they truly deserve, allowing you to celebrate their life with their closest family and friends present.

Organising repatriation may seem daunting, especially when you are grieving. With our trusted network of funeral directors, you can lean on their experience and guidance to conduct stress-free repatriation and the best send-off your loved one could have wished for.


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Regarding body repatriation and funeral planning, we believe that every family should be supported, which is why we have free tools and funeral planners to help you and your family when you need it most.

If you require a hand in organising your loved one’s repatriation and funeral, find a trusted funeral director and plan your loved one’s funeral service with Legacy of Lives.