Where are funerals most expensive in the UK?

Where you live in the UK can make a huge difference to the cost you pay for a funeral.

According to a 2020 SunLife report, although the national average funeral cost is £4,417, funeral costs differ hugely between regions across the UK - so the price you would pay for a burial in London is far more expensive than the price you would pay in Wales.

Broadly speaking, funeral costs vary so much across the UK because the price of burial plots differ across the country - they are far more expensive in the city, for example. Here are some of the statistics...

Where are funeral costs most expensive?
Funeral costs are the most expensive in London by some distance - as you can see from the table below - costing almost a staggering £1,000 more than in the South East.

Area in the UK Average funeral cost Change from 2018 (%)
London £5,963 ↑ 1.4%
South East and East £4,881 ↑ 9.2%
Yorkshire and the Humber £4,656 ↑ 4.4%
East and West Midlands £4,582 ↑ 9.6%
South West £4,522 ↓ 3.5%
Scotland £4,229 ↑ 3.5%
North East £4,155 ↓ 0.4%
Wales £3,872 ↑ 9.4%
North West £3,816 ↓ 3.3%
Northern Ireland £3,489 ↑ 8%

With these regional areas combined, this brings the national average to £4,417, with a rise of 3.4% from 2018 costs. You can see more about exactly what’s included in a basic funeral on our funeral costs page.

Where did regional funeral costs rise?
Regional funeral costs rose in most places in the UK: Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, East and West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, South East and East, and London - and rose by the most in the South East and East and East and West Midlands. Although funeral costs are the most expensive in London, they rose at a much slower rate than other areas of the UK.

How much will arranging a funeral cost for me?
Although a funeral will differ depending on where you live, there are also other factors that will determine how expensive a funeral will be. This can include the type of funeral being arranged (for example, cremations tend to be a lower cost option than burials), the send-off expenses, and the funeral director chosen. You can also see other ways to keep costs down on our funeral planning on a budget page.

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