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For lots of us, speaking about death can be uncomfortable. Talking to our loved ones to ascertain what their funeral wishes are can be enormously difficult - as can be communicating what we want to our families. The Legacy of Lives tool will change this forever.

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Supporting your loved ones and creating a lasting legacy

Without knowing these wishes, planning a funeral for a loved one can be hard, and it’s a task made even more complicated by a lack of transparency on funeral costs and the daunting task of gathering price comparisons. It’s a step into the unknown at a time of shock and grief.

At Legacy of Lives, we want to change this and support you through these difficult times. With our funeral planning tool, people can store their funeral wishes safely in one place - and share them easily with loved ones. Our funeral director price comparison tool means that our users can easily compare funeral packages to suit their budget and create an affordable plan to put these wishes into practice. We’re committed to making these tools accessible to everyone - so everything on our site is 100% free.

We want to take away the taboo of death

To open up meaningful discussions between families, to make funeral costs transparent, and to empower people to celebrate their lives in the way that they choose.

Rebecca, our founder, dedicates the concept of Legacy of Lives to her Auntie Kathy. After the tragic loss of her Aunt, she helped her young family navigate this awful time - and it allowed Rebecca to witness first hand the difficulties of dealing with a funeral, finances and family grief. The process of organising a funeral had to be changed, and this is how Legacy of Lives was born. “Kathy lit up so many people’s lives. This tool will help thousands of families through the toughest moments of their lives: celebrating those that have lived, and creating lasting legacies for future generations. For every family that Legacy of Lives helps, my hope is that a part of my auntie’s spirit continues to shine through.”

In loving memory of Kathleen Kenny
6th April 1961 – 19th May 2019

About our Founder

Meet the amazing team

Here is our Legacy of Lives team, warts and all. We have one thing in common: we have been in the position of losing a loved one or witnessed the pain of someone close trying to muddle through funeral plans. We want to help the masses with our tool and support charities along the way.

Rebecca Peach

Founder & CEO

Lee Swift

Co-founder & CTO

Carl Vincent

UX, UI & Brand

Liam Hillier

Digital & Social Growth

Samuel Antwi

Project Planning

Nicola Vanlint

Counsellor /Consumer Support

Byron Caudwell

Lead Developer

Clare Walsh

Relationship Manager

Dustin Louw

Partnership Relations

Catherine Roberts

Office manager

Tamara Kaufman

Funeral Expert
Non-Executive Team

Elsa Reeves

Strategic Growth
Non-Executive Team

Dominic Cameron

Digital Growth
Non-Executive Team

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We’ll provide you with everything you need to plan your goodbye in one place: accessible online planning tools, transparent funeral director price comparisons, and practical help guides - and it’s all 100% free.

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