Coppafeel! Founder Kris Hallenga Joins Legacy Of Lives

Coppafeel Founder Kris Hallenga Joins Legacy Of Lives

Kris Hallenga
today announced that she is joining Legacy of Lives, the free online funeral arranging service, as an ambassador and supporter to help more people and families plan ahead.  Less than 10 per cent of people in the UK currently plan their funerals, leading to potential funeral debt for families and final send-offs not reflecting personal wishes.

Kris was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at the age of 23 back in 2009. Since living with cancer for over 14 years, she founded the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! and has been an advocate for people to come to terms with mortality.

Joining Legacy of Lives, Kris will be an advocate of pre-funeral planning, as she plans her own living funeral to celebrate her life amongst her family and closest friends. 

After attending a friend’s funeral in January who sadly passed from cancer, Kris realised that there was one key thing missing during the celebration of her life - that being, the friend herself. Kris was inspired to take her mortality into her own hands, and plan a living “FUNeral” as she says - a celebration of her life that she can witness, enjoy and share with her loved ones.

Working with Legacy of Lives, the celebration of Kris’ life will be jam packed with live music, laughter, dancing, and a few tears, all true to her personal style. 


Rebecca Peach, CEO & Founder of Legacy of Lives said, "We are proud to be teaming up with Kris Hallenga as an ambassador for Legacy of Lives.  She is an inspiration and a reminder to us all that life is precious and it should be celebrated. With Legacy of Lives, Kris is vital to help us show how pre-planning funerals can save people money, remove any burden from their families and make sure their final send-off is exactly what they wanted."

By using Legacy of Lives, people can record collective wishes in a simple and effective way to ensure there is no unnecessary stress on those left to organise a funeral.

Kris Hallenga said, “There is nothing out there like Legacy of Lives. I totally believe in its mission to make funerals more personal and of course affordable.  In my case, I am currently planning my living funeral, or FUN-eral, and I hope that this could be inspirational for people looking to celebrate their life exactly the way they lived it. More people planning and noting down their funerals to pass on their wishes will alleviate so much stress and financial burden. Legacy of Lives allows for easy planning, comparison and sharing and for free!”