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Today we would like to showcase the amazing work of Parley Green. We like to highlight environmentally-friendly funerals so we wanted to share them in our blog sport this month!


Parley Green was founded during Covid-19, when James & Toby Martin (the managing directors) started to look at gaps in existing markets where they could make a difference. Ultimately, they came up with the idea to introduce more cost-effective coffins and caskets at a time when finances and the cost of living was becoming a challenge for many across the UK. and they wanted to do this in a  more sustainable and eco-friendlier way– something they felt we should all be more concerned and conscious of in a post-pandemic world. Based in Dorset, Parley Green is one arm of a family-run business (Mauveworx) with over 50 years of experience in print manufacturing and distribution, with the capacity to produce and deliver at scale.

They’ve spent the last couple of years designing, adjusting, creating, and developing a range which is approved and accredited by the FSA with materials being FCA Certified. At Parley Green we don’t believe in compromises. It’s at the heart of all they do, from design and manufacturing to customer service. A quality end-to-end trade service that you can trust. From Parley Green about their offering;




The Premium Range

Using the highest-resolution real wood reproductions, along with innovative, patented joining techniques, we first produced our Premium Range which looks like wood in every sense.   

Made from recycled materials, the unique design of the Premium Wood Effect coffins and caskets maintains a traditional look for those seeking a sustainable alternative. We’ve carefully considered the finish of the range to create a truly premium wood effect. Using a combination of patented cloaking strips and advanced printing techniques, we’ve covered any exposed flute and crafted an illusion of indentations using a 3-D channelling effect.


The Flat Pack Range


Andrew Mathews, our designer and engineer, also created the UK’s first Flat Pack Cardboard Casket with the idea of increasing storage space for funeral homes which are notorious for having a lack of just that. Hence the reason we advertise these with ‘Get 3 for the space of 1!’

These 100% sustainable caskets are made solely from biodegradable cardboard and have been designed specifically for direct cremation and natural burials.

Assembled in just a matter of minutes with no adhesives or special tools required, these caskets can be delivered flat and in bulk to reduce storage space, as well as carbon footprint. Produced as a more affordable option, this casket does not compromise on quality, using double-walled cardboard on either an unprinted Manila brown corrugated surface or with a printed wood grain and 3D channelling effect (similar to the premium range). Designed with ease in mind, the lid firmly secures to the base with a simple catch, without any need for screws. Their cardboard version has been developed and designed to mimic that of a classic wooden coffin.

The Bespoke Options

For a more personalised tribute, bespoke coffins and caskets are available. Whether it’s a bespoke design from scratch, or one of our in-house designs, we’re able to add a touch of individuality.

We love creating designs that the family of a passed person think suits their loved one best. We have a swatch book of popular ideas ready to go (including traditional, nostalgic and fabric ranges) or we can create something completely new such as a Boeing 747 coffin (as pictured) for a late-pilot from his beloved wife – a design that the whole team got involved with and absolutely loved putting together.


Discover the Parley Green difference 

Since the public launch of Parley Green in 2022, they have quickly made our mark within the tight-knit funeral industry by sticking to one simple aim – to create a range that doesn’t compromise on choice between quality, cost, and environmental impact. Ultimately, they wanted to provide quality cardboard coffins that deliver across the board and in all desired areas, giving more options for funeral choices.

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You are welcome to contact Parley Green team here , to learn more about their services and how they can help your family.