Celebrating your mother's life and legacy

Honouring Your Mother’s Legacy On Mother’s Day

Losing your mum is one of the hardest things you will ever have to go through in life, and the milestone dates in the years afterwards can be some of the most challenging days when they’re no longer here. One of the hardest days when your dear mum is no longer here is, by far, Mother’s Day.

Perhaps because you have lost your mother, you may find you want to celebrate her presence in your life even more.  Honouring your late mother on Mother’s Day can be a beautiful way to show your appreciation for everything she did for you over the years.


It sounds simple, but sometimes when we lose someone, we forget to speak about them as often as we should.

To honour your mother’s legacy on Mother’s Day, talk about her with your family like she’s just slipped into the next room. Remember the values, beliefs, and life principles she taught you and what they mean to you. Sometimes, simply reflecting and sharing this moment is the best way to honour someone.

If there is a grave for you to visit, spend some time there on Mother’s Day to tidy up her headstone, maybe place some flowers and remember the things you are thankful for that she brought to your life.

Flowers can be a significant part of Mother’s Day, and you could honour your mum with pretty petals, making her grave beautiful with this simple sentiment.

Continue Old Traditions

Many mums will have traditions they pass down to their children, especially on days like Mother’s Day. If you have a special Mother’s Day tradition that you used to carry out with your mum, can you still do this activity keeping her in mind?

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Visit Her Favourite Places

In life, we all grow to love certain places that become special to us, and often, we share these places with our loved ones. If your mum had a special place she loved visiting, try to visit it.

Whether it’s a botanical garden, antique shop, restaurant, or museum, spend your Mother’s Day feeling close to your mum by visiting a place that meant a lot to her.

Create A Memory Book

Having something physical and tangible to hold that serves as a memory of somebody is a lovely way to honour them. If you have lost your mum and want to honour them on Mother’s Day, this is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and sentimental way of doing so.

Gather all your favourite pictures and write down your best-loved memories of your mum; this book will be a special keepsake for you, which you can also hand down to younger family members.

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Plant Something In Your Mum’s Honour

Planting something in honour of your mum ensures her memory lives on; planting a tree or her favourite flowers will give you something to look at, tend and remember her by throughout the year.

Go for something she loved when she was here to truly personalise the sentiment.

Celebrate Your Mum

Whilst shedding a tear when you’ve lost your mum is the most natural thing in the world, you can honour her on Mother’s Day by celebrating her; the beauty of celebrating somebody is that you can do it in the way that feels right for you.

Whether you decide to get together with family and raise a toast, take time alone to sit and pray, or simply think back on your special memories with your mum; celebrating everything your mum once was and continues to be within you, is a beautiful way of honouring her on Mother’s Day.

At Legacy Of Lives, we understand how difficult it is to lose your mum. If you need help making arrangements to honour your mum and celebrate her life, use our free funeral planner tool or find a local, trusted funeral director.